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Over 75 million Americans get involved in fantasy sports each year. However, more than half of the fantasy sports' fans are only involved and interested in fantasy football, rather than the other fantasy sports. Actually, ESPN, NFL and FOX are many of the outlets, that allow millions of people, to involve in fantasy football, even with little to no interest in football. However, there are specific reasons that account for the growing fan base of fantasy football.

Where to start with fantasy football, it all starts when the player drafts a set number of NFL players to play and dedicate to the 13-15 weeks, each season to fantasy football. As fantasy football continues to grow over the years more and more ways to play have been created such as, Daily Fantasy like Draftkings and FanDuel. Dynasty Leagues on the other hand is where you get to keep some or all of your players from previous years and only draft rookies. If you would like my real opinion on why fantasy football has grown so rapidly I would have to say it links directly with the NFL and NCAA. More and more talented players join the NFL ranks on a yearly basis all trained with the same mindset to be BIGGER, FASTER, and STRONGER than the guy before them.

** Weekly Competition Against Friends and Family Fuel The Desire to Win Fantasy Sports **


In each week of the seventeen weeks, all the drafted players go head to head with the other players, gaining and losing points based on their performance. There are different strategies and stats, that are to be analyzed each week, which develops interest among the gamblers and users. Moreover, NFL players are analyzed and scrutinized each week, and match ups are examined too, before analyzing each player’s worth. It increases the urge to win and strive hard for the awards and prizes. all NFL players play tough, according to the strategies, to compete head to head with the other NFL players. The growing competition and the urge to stand first has increased the popularity of fantasy football.


The NFL does not disappear in front of our eyes. It is there, in the news, whether for the good or bad. However, the NFL has not always been as popular as it is today.

* NFL and fantasy football together has increased the hype of fantasy sports, It has increased the users NFL players and viewership for the NFL.

* Unlike other fantasy sports, such as NBA, it is not time consuming.

* Users do not have to take the time out of their busy schedules to check up on NFL players, or to plan strategies against the contenders.

* It is just a matter of 17 weeks and the game is played every Sunday, which makes it easier for the users to check the line up for a single day.

* Even the people, who have zero interest in fantasy football play with their friends to win amazing awards and prizes. Hence, increasing the fan base.


More valuable and talented players are being elected in the NFL, which serves as the answer for the incredibly growing popularity of fantasy football, in collaboration with NFL. Many talented and enthusiastic NFL players go head to head with other competitive players, to win for their teams. This creates a certain interest for the users to draft the best team of talented NFL players, to win the awards. As we all believe that the satisfaction of winning is above all. The need and satisfaction of winning is yet another reason for the growing fan base of fantasy football especially if you play in a league with close friends.

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