3 days until NFL Draft Browns 1st Overall Pick Revealed

Well it’s almost here all the anticipation and chatter about who is going where and at what pick will all be revealed in 3 short days. Does Cleveland take Barkley #1 like they should or do they take a QB? What are the Giants going to do the G Nelson should be the pick, but if Cleveland screws up and takes a QB first overall then how can they pass on Barkley? Do the Colts take a QB with all the injury issues luck has had or do they get lucky enough to have Bradley Chubb fall to them?

 Here is how I would want it to go if I was the GM of the Browns ….

#1 – Browns – Saquon Barkley RB

#2 – Giants – Quenton Nelson G

#3 – Jets – Sam Darnold QB

#4 – Browns – Bradley Chubb DE

#5 – Broncos – Josh Allen QB

#6 – Bills – Josh Rosen QB

#7 – Bucs – Minkah Fitzpatrick CB

#8 – Bears – Calvin Ridley WR

#9 – 49ers – Courtland Sutton WR

#10 – Raiders – Denzel Ward CB

This is just how I would hope the first round goes and on the first pick in the draft Barkley needs to be the pick however I would be willing to accept a QB at 4 if the right one is there.

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