2018 NFL Draft WR Rankings

 Now to the DIVA’s of the bunch, this group of WR’s have been shuffling around on rankings for quite some time especially after the NFL combine. This year features a handful of guys that have kind of separated from the rest, but the gap between the top few and the rest is very small. The one thing that really tends to shape the fantasy value for rookie WR’s continues to be where they end up getting drafted. Some WR’s have turned out to be monstrous let downs and it really has more to do with the lack of talent at the QB position on those teams. As a couple of the bigger names like Courtland Sutton and Calvin Ridley have slid down the rankings other WR’s like DJ Moore and Marcell Ateman have made the best of opportunities and showed out propelling them higher and higher up draft boards. Yet I have not waivered from my original thought of the top 3 in this draft some others have convinced me to move them up a couple spots. So here is my NFL Draft top 10 WR Rankings pre draft…

NFL Draft Top 10 WR’s
#1. Calvin RidleyAlabama – 6’0 – 192
#2. Courtland SuttonSMU – 6’3 – 220
#3. Michael GallupColorado St – 6’1 – 205
#4. James WashingtonOklahoma St – 5’11 – 213
#5. DJ MooreMaryland – 6’0 – 210
#6. Christian KirkTexas A&M – 5’10 – 200
#7. Anthony MillerMemphis – 5’11 – 192
#8. Marcell Ateman Oklahoma St – 6’4 – 220
#9. Allen LazardIowa St – 6’5 – 227
#10 . Tre’Quan SmithUCF – 6’1 – 210

 Now not to forget other stand outs like Auden Tate out of Florida State or Deon Cain from Clemson, both WR’s I think have very bright futures in the NFL. Like I spoke of before the WR position more so than any other hinges so much on where a guy gets drafted with problems like poor QB play to a talented roster of WR’s the right fit can make a young WR’s career. 
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