2018 NFL Draft QB Rankings

 Well we finally feel like football is trying to creep back into our lives again as we all gear up for one of the craziest times of the NFL year… ” 2018 NFL draft is only days away “. Every year the top handful of teams are analyzing all the new prospects entering the draft trying to find the next big thing. Last years Deshaun Watson, Alvin Kamara, and Kareem hunt.

 2018 is another that has a ton of talent packed into a couple rounds including the most coveted QB. A lot of people are referring to the top 3 when it comes to all the QB’s this year, but I honestly think it’s more like 8 with 6 of them really standing out and every one of them posses tons of talent. Not all of them have all the tools to be a step in starter in my opinion, but they all have the skills to become franchise QB’s. So that being said here is my rank of Top 2018 NFL rookie QB class prospects. Of course always opinions everyone has a different take on all of these guys this year and rightfully so with them each having stand out skills in specific areas of being a QB.

#1. Mason Rudolph QBOklahoma State – Standing 6-5 and 235lbs Rudolph comes in as the best prospect as an experienced pocket passer with perfect size for the quarterback spot. Complete-field reader with impeccable downfield touch to the bread basket. Mason Rudolph also leaves Oklahoma State as the most decorated QB in school history with 50+ school records.

#2. Sam Darnold QBUSC – Coming in at #2 for me 6-3 221lbs Darnold has all the tools at a young age showing progression through reads like a pro. Proving a good ability to scramble and even better skills to throw on the run, Darnold fits with any teams QB needs looking to draft a QB high this year.

#3. Baker Mayfield QBOklahoma – Baker hits my list at 3 and could be 1 or 2 honestly he has that IT factor bringing the one thing you can’t teach PASSION for the game. With any QB that runs around as mush as Mayfield he will get the mobile QB rap of run first pass second. Baker has all the ability in the pocket and adds the escape factor to break plays wide open at any time.

#4. Josh Rosen QBUCLARosen has the pure talent to be as good if not better than any QB in this years draft, but he forces to much when he get in trouble. Down field ball placement is not the best, but still very good the same goes for mobility. Rosen easily has the best accuracy and is a very sharp pocket passer giving him a great chance to go in top of draft.

#5. Josh Allen QBWyoming – Allen has a raw and an absolute rocket for an arm standing 6-5 233lbs Allen poses great size and ideal speed for the QB position. The accuracy is at times a problem and sometimes really over thinks plays getting himself into trouble very quickly.

#6. Lamar Jackson QBLouisville – Jackson standing 6-3 202lbs is without a doubt the most electrifying QB entering the draft this year with sprinter speed and a good arm. Lamar Jackson posted another great year after his Heisman season and seemed to be an after thought among the star QB’s. Some teams even wen’t as far as asking him to do WR drills at the combine what an insult, Jackson has a very good chance to be a huge success is the NFL. With the right coaching to develop his arm Jackson has a limitless potential.

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