2018 Fantasy Football Finally Here

Who’s ready for football ?? Never gets old how quickly I miss the NFL

 To get started you should know I am an absolute nut about fantasy football. I have played in tons of different leagues with different rules and scoring in every fantasy league. PPR scoring format is still the best way to play in my opinion, but I enjoyed different things from each format. Hinting from the title Dynasty is so addicting offering an almost franchise owner aspect when played to the max with full keeper rosters. Adding in the ability for owners to trade picks of future rookie drafts just takes everything to another level putting teams in complete control to trade picks and players.

Some like myself are coming off a horror of a season after losing guys like David Johnson, Spencer Ware, and OBJ. A year to absolutely forget for some and on the other hand RB’s like Kareem Hunt and Alvin Kamara come out of nowhere to impress, not to mention promising young WR’s like JuJu Smith-Schuster and Cooper Kupp showing ridiculous skills some teams really had stellar years. Watching guys like Todd Gurley go absolutely crazy scoring points this year really stings after drafting him #2 overall the year before wanting to draft him, but not being able to pass on David Johnson or LeVeon Bell ( that one hurt I took DJ on IR all year ). The other side of the wall however leaves me with DJ, coming back and 2 picks in first round of my rookie draft a bad season could produce 2 starting RB’s if all goes well.

To conclude I hope you enjoy some or all I will share about fantasy football rankings, stats, mock drafts, and much more to come in coming days leading up to the 2018 NFL draft.

Look forward to any comments or questions will respond as soon as possible

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